Clamshell Owl Pattern

“Is there a pattern for this? Love the quilt.”
— Deb, commenting about the clamshell owls.

Clam Shell Owl by Ann Nicolson  © Skye Quilters

Owl sewn by Ann

We love this pattern too! It comes from an old issue of Patchwork & Quilting magazine, Aug/Sept 1994, by Betty Todd.

Basically you cut 26 clams all the same size, in suitable colors, then start laying them out from the feet upwards. The pieces overlap, with the exposed edges turned in. Start sewing at the feet, going up a row at a time. Add a nose when you put down the two “eye” clams. Put eyes on last.

It makes more sense when you’ve the bits of fabric in front of you … though there’s some debate about this.


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