Jennifer’s Award-Winning Quilt!

6July09-Jennifer-Lewis-Judges-Merit-QuiltCongrats to Jennifer for winning a Judges’ Merit at the 2009 National Quilt Championships!

These photos don’t do the intricacy of the piecing and quilting, nor the colors of the quilt justice.

This quilt of mine won a Judges' Merit at the 2009 National Quilt Champsionships

Judges' Merit, 2009 National Quilt Championships



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One response to “Jennifer’s Award-Winning Quilt!

  1. I have just seen the photos of Jennifer’s award winning quilt. WOW!!! Congratulations to you, what wonderful colours. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to go to the show at Sandown this year so wasn’t able to see it personally but hope to do so at a later date. Although I now live on the North Norfolk coast, Sandown Park is very close to where I used to live in Surrey and Esher is really my hometown.

    You may all now know that I am coming to visit you at your October meeting, whilst I am on holiday on Skye. Thank you for inviting me. I will be wanting to hear all your quilting stories and take photos of you and your quilts for an article for Patchwork and Quilting magazine.

    As I will be learning all about you, you may want to know a little bit about me too, so please visit my website and you will be able to contact me personally through that, if you wish to do so.

    I am so looking forward to my trip to Skye. I will be travelling with my husband Bob and son Nick who are keen walkers and who will be off to discover the delights of the island. We will be renting a cottage in Portree and I shall amuse myself by doing some gentle walking, quilting and hopefully making lots of new quilting friends on the island.

    Jennifer may have told you that I have a very special interest in wholecloth quilting and am very keen to know if there are patterns peculiar to Scotland. We see many examples of North Country and Welsh quilts, but very few Scottish ones seem to have survived. Should anyone have any or know where I might be able to find some, I would be very grateful to know.

    Finally, may I say what a fabulous website this is. I haven’t had time to discover it all yet, but will certainly be keeping in touch with what you are all doing over the coming months.

    Oh, one last thing. Has anyone got a remedy for keeping the midges away, or will we be OK at the beginning of October?

    My very best wishes to you all,


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