Jacquie’s Miniature Quilts

Festival of Quilts 2009 Miniature Quilts

Award Winners: Festival of Quilts 2009 Miniature Quilts

What a pleasure it was to see — and touch — Jacquie’s miniature quilts at today’s meeting. What you can’t see in this photo from the Festival of Quilts is the variegated thread and the superbly even stitching. Thanks for the visit Jacquie, and for talking to us about your quilts and how you do them.


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  1. Hello everyone,

    I have just arrived home, safely, after a 36 hour trip (not all at once, of course), having had the most wonderfully memorable holiday on the Isle of Skye. Of course, it was made even more memorable having been able to visit you all on Monday to see your wonderful work. Thank you for being so welcoming.

    I have already started writing the article for Patchwork and Quilting magazine and the photos I have taken have turned out well (thank goodness). I will send a draft of the article to Jennifer first, to make sure I haven’t got anything wrong, but will keep you up to date with progress and possible date of publication.

    Many, many, thanks again for making me feel so welcome and being so forthcoming in showing me your work. I will remember my visit very fondly. If any of you are ever in Norfolk, don’t forget to get in touch and maybe, I can introduce you to my Group too.

    So sorry not to have met Ruby but I have noted down all your comments about her amazingly prolific donations to Project Linus.

    With best wishes to you all,


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