Inspiration for Monday’s Meeting

"Seeing Red" quilt by Catherine Nicholls, seen at the 2009 Festival of Quilts

"Seeing Red" by Catherine Nicholls

Then again, maybe some people will find it intimidating rather than inspiring… It’s a detail from a quilt by Catherine Nicholls, who taught the machine quilting letters quick workshop at the Festival of Quilts this year.

Just remember, as it did when you learned to do join-up-writing with a pen originally, so it takes a bit of practice to do this neatly and legibly. Doing it less neatly, that’s doesn’t take much practice at all:

Machine quilting words

You don’t need to bring anything for this as the basics are learned using paper and pen which will be provided. If you do bring your machine though, and want to move into doing it “for real” after we’ve covered the basics, bring some small (A4 or A3 paper size) sandwiches of scrap/cheap fabric and wadding that have been tacked together with some straight lines, edge to edge.


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