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Owl, Tree, Mouse … Photos from Monday’s Meeting

Skye Quilters meeting

Foundation pieced tree quilt

Irene's foundation pieced tree.

Christmas mouse ornament

Pat's mouse.

Owl quilt

Irene's Owl, finished.

Embroidered angel

Irene's embroidered angel on washaway stabilizer.

Linus Quilt by Ruby of Skye Quilters

Linus Quilt by Ruby

Next Monday Pat will be explaining how the Wind Blown quilt is made.

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Topic for Monday’s Meeting: Colour Theory

Here’s everything a quilter needs to know about colour theory:

Colour theory for quilters


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Quilting Projects at Monday’s Meeting

Skye Quilters Meeting

Skye Quilters Meeting 23 November 2009

Wall hanging by Maureen

Planning the layout of the blocks by a wall hanging, by Maureen.

Puzzle Patchwork by Pat

Puzzle Patchwork by Pat

Pattern from "that Japanese book translated into French", by Jinty.

Christmas embroidery

Christmas gifts in progress by Helen.

Father Christmas soft toy

Father Christmas with sheepskin beard, by Vivien

Stained Glass Patchwork

Stained Glass Christmas Tree Quilt by Sue.

Linus Quilt by Ruby

Linus Quilt by Ruby

Harris tweed patchwork cat

Free pieced cat blocks in Harris Tweed, by Marion. (Bag of remnants pieces bought from

Foundation pieced advent calendar quilt by Marion Boddy-Evans

Foundation pieced advent calendar quilt, by Marion

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What’s in the Fat Quarters Swap Box?

Looking for a new home: the array of fat quarters currently in the swap box.

Fat Quarters Swap Box

How it works: you put in any fat/long quarters you don’t want, take out any you fancy in exchange. There’s a sheet on the inside of the lid of for keeping track of what your in and out totals in case there isn’t anything that appeals straight away.

And don’t forget, there’s also a swap box for scraps.


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Monday’s Meeting: Finished Quilts

Foundation pieced Christmas tree by Janet KFoundation pieced Christmas tree by Janet K. (Pattern)

Owl quilt

Every tree needs an owl… (This owl’s by Maureen.)

Duck doorstopDoorstop by Anne. (It’s sitting a bit skew in the photo, but set down right its tail points upwards.)

Fabric covered beads

Fabric covered beads by Irene Owen. (Kit bought from Puddleduck Patch when they came to visit us.)

Knitted llama and sheepKnitted sheep and llama (or is it an alpaca?), from across the Atlantic and south somewhat, currently visiting Ann.

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Monday’s Meeting: Quilts-in-Progress

Skye Quilters Meeting

French Braid Quilt by Chad

French Braid Quilt (and first bed-sized quilt) being made by Chad.

Quilt by Jennifer Lewis

Quilt-in-progress by Jenny, who was looking for suggestions on how to do the quilting. So many options present themselves, it's hard to choose.

Fabric painting fern leaves

Fabric painted fern leaves by Marion, using yellow, orange, red, and green left-over fabric paint from last week's meeting.

Sewing machine driving lessons

Ruby giving Helen sewing machine driving lessons, in preparation for assembling the hand-sewn blocks of her first quilt.

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Linus Quilts

Linus quilt

Linus quilt by Irene O. You can't see it in the photo very well, but the quilting creates clouds/wind for the plane/helicopter, steam for the train, and exhaust fumes for the vehicles.

Linus quilt from cat quilt block

Linus quilt from cat block, by Ruby.

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