Monday’s Meeting: Fabric Stamping & Stencilling

Fabric stamped cake design

Created with two stamps, using fabric paint, on prewashed, white cotton fabric.

Monday’s demo will be fabric painting using stencils and stamps (not the kind you put on an envelope, but foam stamps). If you want to give it a go, there’ll be some small squares of prewashed white cotton fabric available plus some paint, stencils, and stamps to use. Please bring an apron to protect your clothes!

It’ll all be set up on one table so floorclothes can be thrown down to protect the carpet, so we’ll have to take it in turns. But there’ll be enough time and supplies for everyone to give it a try.

If you wish to bring some fabric to experiment with, be sure it’s been washed. Some fabrics have coatings or finishes that stop fabric paint penetrating the fibres.

Important: The fabric paint Marion uses is created from artist’s acrylic paint and a fabric painting medium (Golden GAC 900). Once it is touch dry, it needs to be heat-set by ironing it for a couple of minutes with a medium to hot iron. BUT it MUST be done in a well ventilated spot as it releases formaldehyde upon heat setting. Outside on a windy day, with your ironing board and an extension cord, is perfect! Once heatset, the paint will withstand washing in a machine, and the fabric won’t feel stiffer, like with some fabric paints.


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