Our Fabulous Present from Jacquie Harvey!

Quilt present from Jacque Harvey

Ruby opening the box of quilting goodies Jacquie Harvey so kindly sent us.

Wow, Jacquie, thank you so much for the thrilling box of quilting goodies! It’s very kind and generous of you. Ruby is going to use a few of the pieces of fabric to make a Linus quilt, and the rest will be used for a group quilt. The shrinking fabric we’ll cut up and all try for a project of some sorts next year. It’s already generated various ideas, from landscape texture to stone paths to flowers. Plus gorgeous embroidery threads and other bits … thank you!



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2 responses to “Our Fabulous Present from Jacquie Harvey!

  1. Hi everyone,

    I was so delighted to see these photos and have been trying to work out how you managed to have snow inside the hall???? Clever that, or is is magic?

    I am so glad that the box of goodies is of use to you and I will look forward to seeing/hearing how the shrinking fabric is used. It seems you have got plenty of ideas already. I have used some of mine for the ‘icing’ on top of small cup cake boxes. It looks very real – just like my lumpy icing!

    It is also very pleasing to hear that the rest I have sent will help towards the making of a Group quilt, which I imagine you might auction at your exhibition next year. Best of luck with that.

    My very best wishes to you all,


  2. Marion BE

    The snow will fall until early January (according to the “snow widget” activated yesterday when I put up the photos).

    Best wishes for a great 2010 to you too!

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