First February Quilting

Skye Quilters Meeting

Brrrr, it was cold today.

Shrinky fabric

Two pieces of shrinky used by Dorothy. Look closely: the lefthand one has French knots sewn in and the right gold thread. (Click on the photo to get a larger photo.) Ultimate goal: a wedding quilt with silks.

Row of houses quilt

A longtime WIP getting closer and closer to being finished!


WIP by Shirley. Don't ask about the bandaged finger if you're squeamish!


WIP by Jinty, pattern from "that Japanese book".


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One response to “First February Quilting

  1. Hello everyone,

    Great to see the lovely work being done by you all at your most recent meeting, particularly the way Dorothy is using the shrinking fabric. Lucky is the bride who is to receive that completed quilt.

    Good news! I have just been speaking to Dianne Huck (editor of P & Q magazine) who has confirmed that your story is to be in the March edition. Get your pens ready for signing autographs!!!! Also, if you haven’t already, please let them know at Traplet asap the dates of your exhibition and they will print the details for you.

    Another piece of good news came my way this week when it was confirmed that I have been invited to teach at the QGBI weekend retreat at Stirling University next year in June. You do have to be a member of the Guild to be there, but I know that some of you are and it would be lovely to think I might meet up with one or two of you again then. I am looking forward to visiting another part of Scotland which I haven’t been to since I was six.

    I hope that the bad weather isn’t affecting you too much. We have had snow on and off here since before Christmas and it is getting a bit tiresome but had a walk around the garden today and noticed some signs of early spring in one or two plants trying to pop through the soil.

    My very best wishes to you all,


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