February 2010 Project Linus Inverness/Highland Update

This update on Linus Quilts is from Highlands co-ordinator Pat McWilliam via our collector Pat Craig:

“Project Linus UK is still hale and hearty and in the Highlands very active. … The quilts and blankets as always are greatly appreciated by the youngsters who receive them and by their parents and carers. … All your work is really valued.

“Quilts continue to go to many places where young folk are in need of a hug. The largest number go to the Special Care Baby Unit in Raigmore Hospital and I am always very welcome there. One new place I was asked to supply with larger quilts was Accident & Emergency at Raigmore. They use them for youngsters being transported to other specialist units in Scotland and also where there is a child in need of a cuddle (or a cuddly quilt).

“Thanks to all who sew and knit and keep me supplied, and also to the carers and staff who hand out the quilts and blankets. The pleasure you contribute is great. Since the last update (July 2008), 477 quilts and blankets have brought smiles to many children and parents.

Thank you.
Pat McWilliam

If you know of quilters in the area who would be interested in being Project Linus Quilt co-ordinators for Lochaber and the Outer Hebrides, please email Pat at tommcw@tiscali.co.uk .



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2 responses to “February 2010 Project Linus Inverness/Highland Update

  1. Diane Naman

    Are the linus quilts given to the children being transported to other hospitals given to the children to keep ?

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