End of the 2009/2010 Quilting Season Meeting

After a lovely lunch at the Caledonian (thanks for organizing it Ruby!) we met for our last weekly session of 2009/10. From next week, it’ll be once a month (on the first Monday, at 1pm) until October. Here’s hoping summer will be fabulous, and don’t forget to get your quilts ready for our exhibition in August!

To Jenny and Val: we’ve missed you, and our thoughts are with you.

WIP Scrap Courthouse Steps by Shirley

WIP: Scrap Courthouse Steps by Shirley, who says she puts her hand in the bag and randomly pulls out fabric for each block.

WIP Tree quilt by Marion Boddy-Evans

WIP Tree quilt by Marion. Lots more leaves to be added! (It's the same tree design as used for the small-tree project in February, just bigger. Much bigger.)

Having mentioned it at last week’s meeting where Peta showed us her hexagon kaleidoscope quilt, Anne brought in her squares kaleidoscope quilt for those who’d not seen it before. Same principle, just with four layers of fabric and cut into squares instead of triangles.

Kaleidoscope quilt using four squares

Kaleidoscope quilt using four squares by Anne Trimmer. Original fabric on the left.

Vivien brought along some cross stitching she’d rediscovered. Flowers on one, butterflies on another, and cars on the third.

Cross stitch by Vivien

Cars cross stitch by Vivien


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