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Skye Quilters Exhibition Raffle for a Dresden Plate Quilt

The raffle quilt this year is a Dresden Plate quilt in blues, with proceeds from the raffle going to Skye Cancer Care. Tickets will be on sale during the exhibition only. We’re still sorting out some other prizes (any donations welcome!), but the quilt is the “big prize”. The ‘plates’ were put together by different people, and the quilt assembled by Jennifer.

Dresden Plate Quilt

Raffle tickets for this Dresden Plate quilt will be on sale at our exhibition.


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UFO* Day at Aros

*That’s UFO as in unfinished object, not flying saucers…

A sunny and hot day for UFOs at Aros. Lots of excellent chatting didn’t hold back the productivity. But then it’s only a few days and it’ll be a fortnight till our 2010 exhibition!

Skye Quilters UFO Day at Aros

Upstairs at Aros.

Tessellations Quilt by Peta

Tessellations Quilt by Peta... just a bit of binding to go.

Machine embroidered quilt label

The final finishing touch: adding a quilt label.

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Countdown to 90 Linus Quilts

This lovely scrap Linus quilt by Ruby is her 87th! With another two in progress, by the time it’s our exhibition in August, Ruby should be on her 90th. Way to go Ruby!

Linus quilts in Scotland

Linus quilt no.87 by Ruby

Putting this milestone another way: that’s nearly 90 children who’ve received a Linus quilt thanks to Ruby .

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The Meeting Before the Meeting Before Our 2010 Exhibition

Skye Quilters meeting in Portree Isle of Skye

July 2010 Meeting

Being such a lovely summer’s day wet day, it was perfect to be indoors for some quilting. Jenny did a roundup of things related to our exhibition next month:

  • S & Q for the banner have been made, other letters have been taken by volunteers. Also need 3×3″ blocks to decorate the banner.
  • The proceeds of the Dresden plate raffle quilt  (see photo below) will go to Skye Cancer Care. Donations of other prizes for the raffle will be most welcome.
  • Remember to let Jenny have the details of the quilt(s) you want to exhibit.
Dresden Plate Quilt

A section of the Dresden Plate Quilt which will be raffled at our exhibition in August.

No wonder it’s been raining, Lin’s been working on a quilt that’s got yellow in it, and a circle amongst the triangles. Isn’t it just fabulous?! Vote all round was for only one circle.

Triangles and circles quilt

WIP by Lin. Note the one circle!

Courthouse steps meets log cabin in this quilt by Irene. You can’t really see it in the photo, but the picture blocks in the centres, and one of the other fabrics, have the purple in them too.

Courthouse Steps Meets Log Cabin quilt

Courthouse Steps Meets Log Cabin Quilt by Irene O

Other Works in Progress:

Miniature quilts

WIP Miniature quilt by Liz

Quilt blocks

WIP by Anne N

Stained glass quilt block

WIP: Stained glass quilt block by Ruby

Colour wheel quilt

Colour wheel quilt by Pat

Scottie Dog quilt block

WIP by Maureen

Quilted chair cushion

Quilted chair cushion by Vivien

Sunbonnet Sue quilt

WIP: Sunbonnet Sue on Skye quilt by Marion

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S Q is for Skye Quilters

S Q for Skye Quilters, originally uploaded by Skye Quilters.

Jenny’s made the first two blocks in our banner, and volunteers have taken all the other letters. Please let Jenny have them by the UFO Day (to be confirmed, but probably Aros 23 July).

We also need lots of 3″ blocks or shapes to be added around the letters.

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