Skye Quilters Exhibition Raffle for a Dresden Plate Quilt

The raffle quilt this year is a Dresden Plate quilt in blues, with proceeds from the raffle going to Skye Cancer Care. Tickets will be on sale during the exhibition only. We’re still sorting out some other prizes (any donations welcome!), but the quilt is the “big prize”. The ‘plates’ were put together by different people, and the quilt assembled by Jennifer.

Dresden Plate Quilt

Raffle tickets for this Dresden Plate quilt will be on sale at our exhibition.



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3 responses to “Skye Quilters Exhibition Raffle for a Dresden Plate Quilt

  1. Beautiful. Is the raffle open to international quilt lovers?

  2. skyequilters

    Unfortunately the terms of the raffle allow us to sell tickets only at the venue, during the exhibition. (I’ve just changed the wording on the blog to make this clear.) So you’d have to come on holiday to Skye and buy a ticket during our exhibition! If not this year, how about 2012 when we plan to have our next exhibition, along with another quilt raffle…

  3. Jacquie Harvey

    Hi everyone,

    I just want to wish you all every success with your exhibition next week. From what I have seen on the website, you have been so busy getting everything ready and I am sure it is going to be a great success. I am only too sorry that I can’t get up to Skye to see it myself. Never mind, 2012 must be the next visit.

    Good luck with your raffle quilt. It is quite beautiful and I am sure it will attract a lot of money going to such a worthy cause.

    I shall look forward to reading all about it in your next posting.

    Love and best wishes to you all,


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