The Baby Iron & Glitter Glue Meeting

Quilters on the Isle of Skye

Skye Quilters, Monday 6 September 2010

Star Quilt

WIP: Star Quilt by Susanne

Flying Geese quilt

WIP: Flying geese quilt by Irene de Plano

Flying Geese quilt border

Detail from the border of Irene's quilt

Basket quilt block

WIP: Basket block quilt by Irene de Plano

Making a Linus Quilt

WIP: Ruby's next Linus Quilt.

Embroidery on tweed for a cat quilt block by Marion Boddy-Evans

WIP by Marion, on a cat block made from Harris tweed.

Oversized large ric rac

Oversized ric rac... destined to be stems for a quilt flower block by Pat.

Small iron for quilting

This iron is not a toy! And the plug is almost as big as it is.

Glitter glue for quilting

Samples of glitter glues that Vivien's got in.

Glitter glue for fabric

Vivien's got some new glitter glue that says it's washable!


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