Supplies for the Handquilting Workshop

Next Monday’s meeting (21st Feb) will be Keira’s handquilting workshop during which we will create a basic appliqué (Japanese cranes) on a background square which will be hand-quilted using the rocking stitch.

Starting Time: 10am at Aros. (If you can only get there for 1pm, that’s fine too.) For those wanting to join in, here’s the list of supplies to bring:

  • ½ inch background square (or larger, depending on personal choice)
    Either one or two other fabrics. These should contrast with the background and complement each other. One fat quarter in total for both should be enough.
  • Freezer paper
  • Small pins
  • Pencil and fabric marking pen (erasable, the main thing is that it has been tried on the background fabric and is removable)
  • Hand-quilting thread to match the appliqué and the background
  • Sharp scissors
  • Hand-quilting needles: betweens or John James big eye quilting needles (better if you struggle to get your needle threaded!), size 11 or 12
  • Thimble with a raised edge
  • Embroidery hoop to fit the background (an actual quilting hoop would be better but since we’re only doing a block, this would then need to be tacked onto a larger piece of fabric until the quilting is finished)
  • 13 inch square piece of wadding, polyester will do but some may find cotton easier to work with
  • 13 inch square for the back
  • Tacking thread and needle
  • Fabric should be cotton, prewashed and ironed but not starched
  • Masking tape
  • Paper scissors
masking tape and paper scissorsMas

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