What You Need for Monday’s Strip & Curved Piecing Project

Circles Quilt by Jennifer Lewis of Skye Quilt Studio

Wall hanging by Jennifer Lewis. 36×24″

At Monday’s meeting we are doing strip piecing plus curved piecing, inspired by Jenny’s circles wall hanging (see photo to the right). You could just make up a few blocks and make a cushion cover, table runner or thinner wall hanging.

Fabric requirements:
Blocks, Circles & Half Circles
Fabric Options1. A selection of up to 15 – 20 fabrics;
a. that start with one colour and move through to another colour or
b. you could just have a selection of two basic colours or
c. a selection of just one colour – light to dark
For her wall hanging, Jenny used a mustard colour through brown to black.

The strips are cut 1¼“ wide and 20” long. Jennny says: “I cut mine from fat quarters and left over bits so they were a bit longer than this. I used 3 strips from each fabric for the blocks, circles and half circles and 1 strip from each fabric for the border.”
Fabric Options

Background Fabric
2. A background fabric that is used for plain blocks, circles and half circles – depending on how big a quilt you are going to make a fat quarter or half metre will do. The background fabric should be a mix of all the colours in the strips (the long strips alongside the fat quarters in the photo).

Inner Border
3. This is cut 1 ¼” wide to match the strips – so amount will depend on how big a quilt you make. Jenny used less than 1/8 of a metre.

Other Items
4. Wadding
5. Backing
6. Natural coloured piecing thread
7. Quilting thread
8. Tacking thread

Other Items to Bring Along
– Sewing machine (don’t forget the foot pedal and plug) – make sure you have cleaned it and you have new needle
– ¼” foot
– Spray starch
– Pins
– Freezer paper
– Walking foot if you get as far as quilting
– Appliqué foot for your sewing machine to sew the half circles and full circles onto the blocks
– Rotary cutter with a nice sharp blade
– Rotary cutting ruler
– Cutting mat
– Iron and ironing mat
– Your basic sewing kit

Jenny will bring some plastic templates for use on the day and print off a few copies for you to take home with you and make at home if you intend to carry on with the project.

Hope to see you all on Monday!

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