About Skye Quilters & Meetings

Skye Quilters meetingWe are all quilters living on the Isle of Skye who enjoy getting (at the Aros Centre in Portree) for some quilting, chatter and creativity.

  • Where: At Aros, in the upstairs meeting room during winter, and by arrangement in summer.
  • When: Monday afternoons.
  • Time: From 1pm to 4pm. Some of us meet for lunch downstairs in the Aros restaurant at 12.
  • Fees: £5 a meeting. Annual subscription: £15
    If you can’t make the whole meeting or every meeting, come as you can.
  • Visitors and new members are most welcome.

Group Co-ordinator: Jennifer Lewis (contact details)

General Email: skyequilters@gmail.com

Follow us on Twitter twitter.com/skyequilters
or Facebook: www.facebook.com/skyequilters

Photos and text © Skye Quilters


4 responses to “About Skye Quilters & Meetings

  1. Hi girls – sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner, but you know island life – everything happens at once, glad to have made contact, hope to drop in for real one day
    (one of the Islay Quilters)

  2. deb

    ok. I don’t live on the island…you know that. I love to quilt….and I love cake…I’m just an irish girl in Minnesota wishing for quilts and cake…well ok, mostly for cake 🙂

  3. Cintia

    Can I join you for the meeting in August?
    Shall I bring a cake?

  4. skyequilters

    Cintia — Please do join us! We’re now meeting in the Aros centre, and use the restaurant for tea and cake, so just bring yourself!

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