Irene Curren

Japanese Quilt by Irene Curren

Japanese Quilt by Irene Curren

Detail from Japanese Quilt by Irene Curren

Detail of quilting

Japanese Quilt: I made this quilt for a great friend from Somerset, Jo, who keeps in touch with the daughter of her mother’s pen friend from Japan and has holidayed there.

I saw some fabrics which would work with the rich, opulent colours of Jo’s newly decorated spare bedroom and the design developed from there. I sent a copy of the design and fabric samples to Jo, who loved it and then asked if I could make it a king size so she could put it on her own bed. A completed redesign then followed to keep the main idea in balance!

It took ages to make (it was a winter project) and the design involved finishing off lots and lots of threads as I made it “quilt as you go”. It got bigger and heavier but was very cosy to sit under when finishing off end of an evening! It was a mixture of machine and hand quilting. Mainly machine quilting to give straight lines on plain fabric and hand quilting round some of the patterned fabric and give more texture.

Would I do one again? Well, I never make an exact copy and to avoid finishing off hundreds of threads I would stitch a different pattern if there was a next time! As I always say, each piece you make teaches you a lesson.

Offset logcabin quilted cushion covers

Offset logcabin quilted cushion covers by Irene C, in Skye tartan.

Offset log cabin

Offset log cabin by Irene Curren.

Free machine quilting, including some twin-needle quilting.

Sunflowers quilt

Sunflowers quilt, with poetry machine quilted in the border. Beads for the dots on the i's.

Quilted words

Quilted words on knitting and crochet needle rolls, by Irene Curren

Quilting on a Bernina sewing machine

One response to “Irene Curren

  1. Ruth Hupton

    Dear Irene

    quite by chance I came accross Skye Quilters as I was looking for details of Linus quilts.I very much enjoyed your quilts,and am excited by the machine writing you have acheived on the needle rolls. I am making a small hanging for my daughter based on men in Blazers,to be entitled ‘Hooray,Henley’, and now having seen your work,I shall have a go at adding this to the quiltlet. Thanks for the inspiration. Cheers, Ruth.

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