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Anyone Seen This Fabric?

Anyone got a bit of the turquoise fabric on the left lurking in their stash? Enough to make a square like the one on the right. Pat’s the person looking.

Fabric Wanted

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Thanks Puddleduck Patch!

Puddleduck Patch fabric at Skye Quilters Meeting

Mmm... choices, choices... all sorts of fabrics from Puddleduck Patch

A big thank you to Puddleduck Patch for coming from Cullen to visit us with a carload of fabric! Such beautiful things… and there’s nothing like seeing the actual fabric in front of you, rather than a photo. We hope you’ll do it again next year!

Puddleduck Patch’s website is still under construction, but here are the contact details in case you’re regretting resisting a particular bit of fabric at today’s meeting:

Puddleduck Patch quilt shop in Cullen


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Ikea for Fabric?

Next time you’re in a city with an Ikea (Glasgow and Edinburgh, for starters), it’s worth a detour if you’re in the market for some cheap fabric.  The range is certainly nowhere near what you’ll find in a quilt shop, but the prices are very competitive. Be sure to Check the labels for what the shrinkage percentage is reckoned to be if lengths (after washing) are critical.

Ikea does cheap fabric, some of it lightweight, some heavier home-furnishing weight.

Ikea does plain and patterned fabric, some of it lightweight, some heavier home-furnishing weight.

Pick up a Family Member card too, then you’ll get a free cuppa in the restaurant (Monday to Friday).

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